Dax Lily is an actor, director, producer, and screenwriter dedicated to making a bold impact on film and television with her unique characteristics, creativity, and range. Dax Lily has acquired on-camera experience by performing in a variety of feature films, shorts, and web series.


The Perfect Partnership!

Dax Lily has teamed up with Cutler Management!

Big News!

Episode 2 of Limits of Therapy is now on Amazon Prime Video!

Trailer for Episode One


Exciting Update!

Dax Lily is excited to announce that the pilot episode of Limits of Therapy is complete and production has begun on episode two!

Click the link below to view Limits of Therapy on


Entering 2021 with a bang!

Dax Lily just finished shooting an exciting role in Los Angeles playing a savvy thug named Tonk with The Dirt Merchants production company.


2021 Official Selection

Dax Lily is thrilled to share that the play College Without Walls where she stars as Terry was chosen as an Official Selection in the Manhattan Repertory Stories Film Festival. You will be able to watch our performance online during the entire month of February 2021!


T.u.c. Stories

Exciting update! We have completed shooting the feature-length film T.U.C Stories! It is now in the editing process! Learn more about this film and our cast on my IMDb page.



We have completed shooting the feature-length film Infinity! Learn more about this film and our cast on my IMDb page.



Dax Lily is proud to share that the film Scratch, where she had the pleasure of playing Ella was an Official Selection in the 19th annual Beverly Hills Film Festival. Learn more about this film and our cast on my IMDb page.

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Dax Lily is awesome on set & is one hell of an actor. I can’t wait to work with her again.

— Wanly Florexile (Writer, Producer, and Director)

I knew Dax had the part in my short film before she read her first line. Aside from being beautiful, with hair that acts as a character in and of itself, Dax has tremendous poise, charisma, and swag. Nothing scares her and she soaks up everything. She is as friendly and caring as could be. Everyone left our shoot not only enamored with Dax's acting ability, but also her personality, having felt like they made a true friend over the course of an incredibly long and exhausting day of filming, which can be tough. It was a pleasure working with and getting to know Dax. I look forward to working with her again soon!

— Sam Shapiro (Director)

Dax was an absolute pleasure to work with! She performed in our 'Some Assembly Required' web series in which she had to take on the challenge of acting as a head without a body. She seemed to do this effortlessly. I highly recommend working with this gem of an actress!

— Sam Abdallah (Producer)

Working with Dax was a great experience; from casting, to the finishing of the production. Her energy is uplifting and she is very well mannered. Her ability to socialize and get along with the rest of the cast and crew, was superb. Not only that, but her performance far surpassed my casting expectations. Truly I would be thrilled to work with her again if given the chance to. Dax is very hard working with her craft, and you can see it clearly in how serious she takes her roll. She's very flexible with her talent as well. It was certainly my pleasure to have her on board, and I appreciated her time and dedication to the project.

— Bradley Macena (Director)

Super actor. Real present. The camera loves her.

— James Ciccone (Character Actor)